The “Sections’ schedule is more productive than a “Three day intensive” class because it will allow the programmer to actually write a program that will reinforce the subject matter covered in each section. This will give the student programmer a better opportunity to grasp the material than the boot camp scenario.

This is an instructor led RPG class; After completing this class the attendee will understand the latest RPG skills.



The eight-week course equips a programmer with the RPG skills necessary for writing web service capable programs using IBM’s latest tools.

  • Weekly live online group meet-ups to ask questions on each section
  • Individual support is available
  • Proven formula
  • 15+ how-to videos

The course can be used to prepare the programmer for Common’s RPG certification exam.

Topics Include
  • Rational Developer for i concepts and debugging
  • Free RPG operation codes
  • Sub-procedures, Modules and Service programs
  • SQL – Using Dynamic and Static in RPG programs
  • Date and String handling using BIF’s
  • Interactive programming concepts (CRUD and Sub-files)
  • Using Web Services and Service programs to take applications to new UI’s
  • and more…
Class Requirements
  • Rational Developer for i 9.5 – Sixty Day Trial Available
  • IBM Access Client Solutions
  • Programming in ILE RPG 5th Edition

“I have enjoyed this class, it gets my problem solving juices going again rather than other classes I have taken which are structured to accomplish the goal of passing”

David – Programming in ILE RPG Student