Stay Informed & Invaluable in Today’s IT Environment Especially with IBMi & RPG Programming

IBM i developers are a varied group, to be sure. Many companies have IT departments that include programmers who range from new graduates to long-time employees. Both groups have qualities that will benefit their employer as well as valued clients, but it is perhaps more important for veteran developers to keep their minds open, their skills fresh and their connections strong.

Even though IBM i is unique in that companies are still utilizing software that was created more than 30 years ago, programmers and developers in those IT departments need to be proactive. Relying on skills and knowledge that were acquired a decade ago is risky and may impact an employee’s viability. imPower Technologies can help ensure that your company’s programmers and developers are cohesive, skilled on the latest IBM i and RPG technologies and collaborating.

Experience Makes a Difference:

  • Veteran developers bring years of multi faceted skills to their employer. This layered skill set is a big advantage for businesses who serve clients across a variety of industries.
  • Tenured developers know a lot and keep learning: they stay informed on IBM i trends and techniques. With today’s plethora of learning options-online, in-person, through written materials or webinars-long-time programmers can acquire the skills at their own pace and in a format of their choosing.
  • They use well-rounded business knowledge to work seamlessly with all company departments. We often find that many veteran programmers don’t emphasize their invaluable business knowledge.
  • Experienced developers provide invaluable mentoring to new employees. Different processes and workflows are not always written down in manuals: it takes a long-time programmer sharing his or her knowledge with a recent graduate to build that awareness and make the company stronger.

imPower Technologies can be part of strengthening your organization. Contact us to learn more about how we can help educate and connect your IBM i and RPG developers-whether they are new to your staff or whether they helped build the department.