This self-paced eighteen-hour course combines Video Instruction with Lab exercises to teach RPG developers to correctly use IBM’s RDi Development tool. An introduction  to the latest RPG concepts and techniques is included as well. Upon completion, your developers will not only feel comfortable using RDi but, more importantly, they will understand the importance of using RDi with new techniques like modules, procedures and service programs, which are essential for integration with modern technologies. The last section of the course demonstrates how to put a service program on the IWS server and consume the procedures using web services.

Class duration varies and is based on student activity – maximum of 2 weeks.

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RDi Specific Topics Covered

• Create a IBM i connection using RSE
• Create Filters (Library, Object and Member)
• Manipulate library lists
• Copy objects between libraries (Systems)
• Edit, save, and compiling source members
• Set a Service Entry Point
• Debugging programs (Batch and Interactive)
• Running a program batch / Interactive
• Create a display/print file member using RDi and Screen Designer
• Modify properties of screen and report file elements
• Introduction to Access Client Solutions (ACS)
• Getting Started with Service Programs (API’s) and the IWS Server


• Introduction to Free RPG coding
• Using “Run SQL Scripts”
• Using Procedures, Modules and Service programs
• Decoupling RPG and the 5250 interfaces
• SQL Service programs – Dynamic and Static Examples

Software Required

Rational Developer for i 9.6 – IBM’s standard development environment – FREE 120 DAY VERSION

IBM Access Client Solutions – IBM’s Java based IBM i Interface

Suggested Textbook

Programming in ILE RPG 5th Edition 

Did you know?

• Of Course i’s Not The AS/400
• Welcome to i: How to Get Younger Programmers up to Speed
• Failure to Modernize: The Real Cost
• How IBM i Professionals Can Stay Ahead of the Curve