All Day RDi/RPG Hands-On Bootcamp

This combined lecture and lab will show the seasoned IBM i programmer the benefits of using new RPG programming techniques and give them hands-on experience with RDi’s Remote Systems Explorer (RSE), Screen Designer and interactive debugger. This “Bootcamp” will help developers to make the transition to using RDi from traditional tools like SEU and PDM. If a developer has been using RDi, the RDi techniques and RPG “Free” examples will move them to the next level. 

Jim will demonstrate how to take a traditional subfile program and convert the disk I/O to SQL then move this database I/O to a service program. This decoupling of the UI (5250 Subfile) allows the service program to be used as a web service. The session will take the attendee through the process of developing a SQL/Service program-based CRUD application using Free Form RPG and RDi’s (Remote Systems Explorer and Screen Designer). 

  • How to get started with RDi or get questions answered if you have some experience with RDi
  • Introduction to modular programming using free form RPG and RDi
  • Use of subprocedures, modules and service programs in modern RPG applications.
  • Developing 5250 Screens with RDi’s Screen Designer.
  • Learn how to use RDi’s debugger to debug batch, interactive and webservice programs
  • Internalize the use of Free Format RPG operations and functions. 
  • Understand the use of SQL in an RPG Service program.

Attendee requirements:

  • Laptop with Rational Developer for i (RDi) 9.6.x must be installed on the laptop