imPower Technologies was co-founded in 2016 by IBM i educator and author Jim Buck and Michelle Lyons to prepare the next generation of IBM i professionals. Organizations looking for candidates with current IBM i platform skills can leverage imPower Technologies’ training programs to train programmers with legacy IBM skills as well as candidates with non IBM backgrounds on the latest RPG techniques, tools and the IBM i operating system. This can be a powerful first step to any modernization efforts.

As a College instructor for 15 years, Jim introduced students to the IBM i platform and he successfully equipped them with the necessary tools to work on the IBM i platform. imPower Technologies will fulfill Jim’s longtime desire to broaden his reach to educate many more students on the IBM i platform.

Jim Buck

Jim Buck

President - CEO

Jim Buck’s career in IT spans more than 35 years – primarily in manufacturing, healthcare and college education. Jim has served as past president (13 years) of the Wisconsin Midrange Computer Professional Association ( and has served on a number of teams developing IBM i and COMMON certification tests. Jim has co-authored, with Bryan Meyers, several IBM i books used in companies and colleges worldwide – the latest, Programming in ILE RPG – 5th Edition (2015). Jim’s other accomplishments include: recipient of the 2007 IBM System i Innovation – Education Excellence Award, 2014 COMMON Presidents Award, and named IBM Champion – Power Systems for 2013, 2016 and 2017.

Jim is an independent consultant and professional IBM i trainer. He is active in the IBM i community working to help companies train their employees in the latest IBM i technologies to develop the next generation of IBM i professionals.

Michelle Lyons

Michelle Lyons

Chief Operating Officer

Michelle Lyons became involved with IBM i in 2012 while working as a web developer and attending college as one of Jim Buck’s students. While training she realized there were tremendous opportunities for programmers with current IBM i and web skills.

Currently, Michelle is an independent IBM i consultant and co-owner of imPower Technologies. She has been actively involved in the IBM i community – volunteering for COMMON, working on “Women in IT” day for WMCPA, and serving as Webmaster for WMCPA for a number of years.

Our Mission

imPower Technologies is driven to deliver the highest quality IBM i educational training that transforms corporate culture, nurtures and enhances workforce skills, and delivers maximum ROI for the corporate education budget.

Our Goals

imPower Technologies is focused on providing quality, cost effective training designed to increase individual productivity and knowledge. Our learning services will enable the young programmer new to the IBM i platform to become productive quickly. The education offerings will enhance skills of seasoned programmers to use the latest IBM i technologies. imPower Technologies provides opportunities for IBM i programmers to enhance skills and knowledge using modern techniques and tools.

Prospective Clients

Organizations looking for a solution to train new and existing staff in modern IBM i skills.

Organizations unable to find RPG programmers, but willing to hire computer science graduates and train them in RPG.

Young developers, new to RPG, as well as experienced programmers wanting to improve/update their existing skills for potential opportunities or a new position.

imPower Technologies

trains current staff on the latest IBM i
tools and techniques.

trains computer science graduates in RPG
in as little as 8 weeks.

updates and enhances existing skills for job seeking programmers.