Failure to Modernize – The Real Cost

In 2008; Jim wrote an article for COMMON called the “A Perfect Storm” This article discussed the low enrollment rates for Information Technologies classes in the United States. Fast forward to 2016, Information Technology education in colleges has made a comeback. Now there is a shortage of qualified young IT professionals with enterprise skills.

The shortage of young IBM i Professionals will be a significant challenge to you and your company. Learn what your company needs to do assure access to the next generation of IBM i Professionals. Jim will discuss what will attract young IT professionals to your company and how your company can be assured that there are young people trained in the technologies needed for the future of your company. This shortage will affect careers and bottom lines companies.


  • Understand the current and future IT job market.
  • Understand the college environment.
  • Understand what young IT professionals are looking for.
  • What your company needs to do to attract the next generation of IT professionals.