Revolutionizing Online Learning for IBM i and RPG Programming

With an increasing need for applied education in IBM i programming, many companies are unsure of where to turn. Even the most experienced developers can struggle to write IBM i programs for business processes. imPower Technologies has created a solution for numerous businesses by offering online courses for developers in RDi & Modular Programming, IBM i Concepts and Operations and Programming in ILE RPG.

From seasoned developers to those who are just getting started, imPower Technologies’ courses can get your staff up to speed in only 10 weeks of instruction. Our flexible and self-paced courses are unlike any other online learning for IBM i or RPG, arming your developers with the necessary skills for success.


Students can enroll in our courses at any time and go through them at their own pace.

When students enroll in one of our online courses, they can expect to complete modules in a linear fashion as materials build on one another. Each module consists of how-to video lectures and reading materials. Sections are followed by quizzes that can be taken over and over until the participants feel comfortable with the content and their score. 

There is an assignment at the end of each module that allows participants to apply what they’ve learned. Assignments yield a deeper understanding of module topics and get students ready for real-world programming. 

All types of learners are able to grasp the information and apply it using this three-pronged teaching method.    


Because we have developed our courses to thoroughly cover the material, our students often do not need further help, but for those who do, we have a help ticket feature. 

As customer service is the pinnacle of our business model, we quickly answer help tickets, so students can continue with the learning modules. This is very important for students because they must understand one section in order to continue with another. It is our priority to ensure students move through our course at a reasonable pace, so they effectively retain the information. 

Additionally, we request feedback from students at the end of each section. We listen and make adjustments to our training programs based on the feedback we receive. If we have multiple students who don’t understand a specific section, we see that as an area for improvement. We use this feedback to rewrite lecture text or add to the video or assignment, so it is better understood by future students.


Besides help tickets, we also offer weekly Q&A sessions with Jim Buck, one of our founders and educators. This is a time for students to have an open discussion with Jim in a comfortable setting. Jim’s experience in business programming is vast, so he can answer just about any question he’s asked. And if he doesn’t know the answer, he will do this best to find it for his students! 

We’ve been told by past students that the weekly Q&A sessions help tremendously with the learning process. We dedicate three hours a week, outside of the help tickets, just for these sessions. 


We offer progress reports for students, which are given to their employers for increased accountability between the employer and employee. We have found that businesses are appreciative of our progress reports because it takes the guesswork out of their return on investment. Progress reports also help employers know which sections their employees have completed for on the job application. 


Our goal is that each student who takes our course is ready for their career in IBM i and RPG programming, so we do everything we can to facilitate their learning. When you select imPower Technologies training for your employees, you can trust that they will receive the highest level of education to prepare them to begin working immediately after the 10-week program. 

If you have an employee who needs skills in IBM i or RPG programming or you are a developer yourself looking to invest in your skill set, our top-notch courses are waiting for you. Just take a look at the testimonials from our students and see how imPower Technologies has helped numerous programmers and businesses.

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