Kisco Systems’ Richard C. Loeber Fellowship

Supporting Careers on IBM i

imPower Technologies courses offered along with COMMON membership and other benefits through IBM i fellowship program

Training the Next Generation of IBM i Developers

We are excited to announce imPower Technologies IBM i Concepts and Operations and Programming in ILE RPG courses will be provided to two Richard C. Loeber Fellowship awardees every year. The program, created by Kisco Systems, will help IBM i shops train and develop new RPG programmers.

Why Start a Career on IBM i?

Reason 1: IBM i Powers Everything We Do

You probably won’t see IBM i or RPG ILE programming on job trend blogs or in information technology industry articles, yet the IBM i runs the very industries that keep our world moving. Industries using IBM i include manufacturing, finance and banking, retail, healthcare, transportation, distribution, government, insurance and more. That said, IBM i is not going anywhere, so neither will the need for RPG developers.

Reason 2: IBM i has Been Around for 35 Years and is Still Relevant and Growing

One compelling reason to consider a career on IBM i and RPG programming is the platform’s remarkable longevity and ongoing relevance in the ever-evolving world of technology. IBM i has proudly stood the test of time for over 35 years. 

Joining an IBM i career means becoming part of a community that values tradition while embracing innovation—a unique opportunity to work with a technology stack that has a rich history and a promising future

Reason 3: The Job Market for IBM i has Less Competition and More Job Opportunities

Since it’s not taught in schools, employers are more open to hiring people without specific skills in IBM i and RPG, enrolling them in online training like imPower’s at onboarding. This process works well because like Poersch experienced, new hires get a chance to learn the business while learning how the IBM i works and how to code in RPG ILE. Some employers are also looking for new talent from within, seeking current employees who want to upskill and who already know the business.

Reason 4: You'll Learn a Specialized Skill

IBM i is a unique and specialized platform with its own ecosystem, and RPG programming is a specialized language tailored to this environment. By choosing an IBM i career, you set yourself on a path to become an expert in a niche area of the tech industry.

Specialization often translates to high demand and competitive advantage in the job market. As an RPG developer, you’ll be equipped with skills that are in demand by organizations that rely on IBM i systems.

Reason 5: RPG Developers Can Work Remotely if Needed

As the global workforce increasingly embraces remote and flexible work arrangements, RPG developers on the IBM i platform are well-positioned to enjoy the benefits of remote work if needed. 

Many organizations that rely on IBM i systems understand the importance of talent retention and are open to accommodating remote work arrangements, allowing developers to achieve a better work-life balance and adapt to changing circumstances. This flexibility not only enhances job satisfaction but also widens the opportunities for talented RPG developers to collaborate with organizations worldwide, regardless of geographical constraints.

More About the RCL Fellowship Program


  • IBM i and RPG training provided by imPower Technologies
  • COMMON membership for one year including registration for two conferences
  • Recognition throughout the IBM i community

Program Requirements

  • Applicant must be sponsored by an active IBM i customer (end user only, no vendors) with a limit of one fellow per employer every three years
  • Age 35 years or younger
  • Reside in USA or Canada
  • Highly motivated and hard-working with innate curiosity and thirst for knowledge
  • At least two years of work experience
  • Non-employer letter of recommendation
  • All career backgrounds welcome
  • Neither the applicant nor the sponsoring company have received training from imPower Technologies within the last three years


  • Two fellowships will be granted every calendar year. One in January and one in July:
  • January application deadline: Nov 30 of the previous year. 
  • July application deadlines: May 31 of the current year.


The RCL Fellowship from Kisco Systems will include two entry-level courses on IBM i and RPG programming to get new developers up to speed in six months or less.

IBM i Concepts & Operations

This comprehensive course is designed for entry-level and other platform developers to learn the IBM i. Upon completion, students will be proficient in using the IBM i operating system, DB2 database and IBM’s new development tools. The course includes a mixture of videos, graded quizzes and labs, and weekly online meetings to ensure optimal retention and understanding of the course material. Class duration varies and is based on student activity – maximum of 8 weeks.

Programming in ILE RPG

Train new and current developers on the ILE RPG language in less than 10 weeks. Students will learn the latest RPG techniques with each section covering two chapters of Jim’s “Programming in ILE RPG” 5th edition textbook. The course is a combination of lectures, graded quizzes, programming examples, and programming assignments. Students are invited to attend live WebEx meetups once a week to ask questions during the course.