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Replacing your retiring RPG Developers is simpler than you think. With our training, a new hire or an existing employee with knowledge of your business, could be an ideal solution!

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Programming in ILE RPG

Self-Study  Duration varies based on activity (maximum 10 weeks)

This is an instructor led RPG class, upon completion the student will understand the latest RPG techniques.  Each section covers two chapters of Jim’s “Programming in ILE RPG” 5th edition textbook. The course is comprised of a combination of lectures, quizzes, programming examples, and programming assignments. Students are invited to attend live WebEx meetups once a week to ask questions during the course.

IBM i Concepts & Operations

Self-Study  Duration varies based on activity (maximum 8 weeks)

This course is a general introduction to the IBM i Operating system and a precursor to the Programming in ILE RPG.  We recommend taking this course unless the student demonstrates competency with the IBM i operating system.

RDi & Modular Programming

Self-Study  Duration varies based on activity (maximum 2 weeks)

This self-paced eighteen-hour course demonstrates the correct use of IBM’s RDi Development tool.   Video Instruction is combined with Lab exercises to introduce the latest RPG concepts and techniques. Upon course completion developers feel comfortable using RDi, understand the importance of using new techniques, modules, procedures and service programs which are essential for integration with modern technologies.

SQL Queries Workshop

Self-Study  Duration varies based on activity (maximum 2 weeks)

This self paced workshop with labs, quizes and over twelve hours of video instruction, is an introduction into SQL (Standard Query Language), for selecting, joining and aggregating data located in database tables. In this workshop you will be introduced to IBM i Access Client Solutions (ACS) – Run SQL Scripts which is IBM’s strategical product for entering and executing SQL Statements. At the end of this course your developers and database administrators should be able to generate and run SQL SELECT-Statements where data located in Tables is altered and sorted, compose data located in different tables by joining the tables and accumulate data and integrate sub-totals and totals in the results.

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